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Baoji Titanium Products Exhibition

December 12th to 13th 2013, Baoji Titanium Products Exhibition was held by Baoji Municipal Authority, China International Electronic Commerce Center of Ministry of Commerce and International Business Daily in Wanfu Seven-Star International Hotel in Boaji.

      The co-organizers together with co-sponsors were Commerce Bureau of Baoji, Baoji High-tech Zone Committee and the Representative China International Electronic Commerce Center of Ministry of Commerce, IRS(Internal Revenue Service) etc. and the cooperating media were International Business Daily, Shaanxi Daily, Shaanxi TV, Huashang Daily, Baoji TV as well as Baoji Broadcasting Station. There were more than four hundred exhibitors and visitors from 80 companies, including fifty from China and thirty from abroad.

      At this Expo, buyers were arranged to meet only one supplier once, this guarantee the efficiency of their communication. At the end of this Expo, the mayor Mr. Shangguan said it achieved a great success.



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